Accessories to Speed Up Pressure Washing Process

Speed Pressure Washing Process

A pressure washer is the best equipment at delivering high performance and maximum clean on even the dirtiest of surfaces. Additionally, there are some surfaces only a pressure washer can clean and do so in seconds. Whether you’re using the best pressure washer rental in Kansas City or one you own, here are four accessories to speed up the pressure washing process.

Accessories to Speed Up Pressure Washing Process

Flat Surface Cleaner

The A+ Flat Surface Cleaner from Hotsy is the best industrial surface cleaner in Kansas City. It’s the perfect solution for preventing uneven marks and lines on concrete when using a pressure washer. A surface cleaner uses small nozzles on a spinning arm to produce a smooth cleaning path on flat surfaces. Surfaces that are ideal for a Kansas City industrial surface cleaner include driveways, garages, parking lots, patios/decks, and more. It is a great accessory for speeding up cleaning time and reducing effort.


Wands allow people using the best industrial pressure washer in Kansas City to clean hard-to-reach places. Wands such as Hotsy’s Flex Wand, Hot Water Wand, Push-Pull, and the Telescoping Wand are all excellent choices for reaching odd-angles, high up, and hard-to-reach messes.

Hose Reels

Hose reels, such as the Hotsy 360° Pivot Base Hose Reel, are great for providing a tangle-free pressure washing. It is simply mounted to a wall or the pressure washer itself. A reel on the best industrial cleaning equipment in Kansas City helps keep the hose off the ground, from being run over by vehicles, and for a quick reel in after cleaning.


Hotsy nozzles allow pressure washer users to adapt to a variety of pressure washing styles. Nozzles offer different spray patterns that affect everything from the width to the strength of the spray. For example, a 0° nozzle offers extreme cutting pressure, while a 40° nozzle is suitable for more general cleaning.

For more information regarding the variety of accessories for Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment, contact us at DSG Industrial Cleaning Systems. We would be more than happy to suggest accessories for Kansas City industrial cleaning equipment.