12 Questions That Will Help You Select The Perfect Pressure Washer

12-questions-graphicPressure washers are highly specialized machines and choosing the best one for your needs requires a realistic look at the job you’re trying to accomplish.

Finding the answers to the following 12 questions will make that process much easier and will help ensure that you get the right equipment for the job:

  1. Will any of the surfaces you clean have grease, oil, food, plant materials or road film on them?
  2. Would you perform all of your washing in the same place or do you need to move your pressure washer between locations?
  3. How many hours a week do you now or would you use your pressure washer?
  4. How many different people, on average, will be using the pressure washer in any given month?
  5. Are you familiar with accessories and options for pressure washers that speed your cleaning time and reduce cleaning costs such as turbo nozzles, rotary surface cleaners, remote stations, multiple wands, auto start/stop, etc.?
  6. Do you have natural gas or LP (liquid propane) available for running a hot water pressure washer?
  7. Will you likely be using detergents with your pressure washer?
  8. Realistically, how long can your pressure washer be “down” waiting for service before your business is impacted?
  9. When do you expect to need a new pressure washer?
  10. Does your company require that purchased equipment like pressure washers be certified to UL/CSA standards?
  11. Does your company require proof of product liability insurance?
  12. Do you know the PSI (pounds per square inch of water pressure), the GPM (gallons of water per minute) and the water temperature that you need in a pressure washer?

Now that you’ve sized up your basic needs it’s time to talk to a professional who can match those needs to equipment and accessories that will return the best results for you and your business.

The staff at DSG Equipment & Supplies has decades of experience outfitting all kinds of businesses big and small with the right machinery.


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