Mechanics Say “Do These Things First” to Keep Your Pressure Washer Running Its Best


➊  Do a cold water rinse after using the burner. Turn off the burner switch, and run cold water until the wand feels cool to the touch; takes 1-3 minutes. ✓

➋  Change ENGINE OIL every 3-6 months or every 50-100 hours. Engines vary so refer to your manual for recommendation. ✓

➌  Change PUMP OIL annually at minimum or every 300 hours, whichever comes first. Remember to use 30w – NON DETERGENT. ✓

➍  Use detergents approved to run through pressure washing equipment; failure to do so could damage pump and coil. ✓

➎  Check hoses, nozzles and wands for wear daily and replace as needed. ✓

➏  Replace O-rings or stop leaks quickly to save life on the pump unloader. ✓

➐  Stick with one type of fuel, diesel or kerosene, to fire the burner. Should see a clear vapor over the coil; no white or black smoke. ✓

➑ Training, training, training. Make sure operators understand equipment and proper maintenance procedures. ✓


➊  Do not let water freeze anywhere in the unit. ✓

➋  Do not leave the pump in by-pass longer than 3-5 minutes. When walking away from the machine a good rule of thumb is TURN OFF THE MACHINE! ✓

Most of these practices take very little extra time and cost very little to do. It’s time and money well spent. ☺