Super CreteX-W (Concrete & Lime Remover)

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Heavy duty acid detergent for removal of concrete & lime


  • Non-corrosive to skin
  • Non-corrosive to aluminum
  • Non-corrosive to steel
  • Safe for painted surfaces
  • Will not harm glass
  • No fumes
  • Works immediately
  • Environmentally friendly

See the MSDS Sheet for this productView the MSDS Sheet for this product

Super CreteX-W is an acid detergent designed for removing concrete on a variety of surfaces.

Contains a detergent to allow it to clean dirt, grease and oil.

Will remove hardened concrete from concrete ready mix trucks, concrete tankers, scaffolding, forms and other areas where concrete tends to accumulate and harden.

Ships as a non-corrosive product as defined by the US Dept. of Transportation.

Non-corrosive to skin and will not harm ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal or painted surfaces.

Strong, but safe acidic cleaner designed to remove the hardened, tenacious concrete.

Contains a natural vegetable wax to enhance the gloss and appearance of ready mix truck paint.

Will not etch or darken aluminum surfaces.

Works in just 5 to 10 minutes; then scrub area with chemical resistant brush.

Will turn concrete into a liquid that can be easily washed from the surface.