DSG Equipment sells MTP Manure Treatment Product

Manure Treatment Product

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Manure Treatment Product

Special features:

  • Tested by independent lab to reduce, eliminate odors and gases
  • Significantly reduces hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and methane gases
  • Improved air quality for workers and animals
  • Improves safety and animal health
  • Reduces and prevents crusting and solid formation
  • Easier pumping and faster clean out
  • Increases capacity
  • Less Flies
  • Increases nitrogen value in the manure
  • Saves time, fuel, equipment
  • Potential lower fertilizer cost

See the MSDS Sheet for this productView the MSDS Sheet for this product

pH at 5%: 8.0 – 9.0
Dilution Ratio: Ready to Use
Color: Clear
Scent: Slight Chlorine
Product Safety:OSHA / WHMIS / GHS compliant

Charging the lagoon system requires four bulk applications based on the number of dairy cows on the property. After that, 1oz per day per cow is all that is required to keep your lagoons healthy and odor free.