Cuda Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (for Aqueous Parts Washers)

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Concentrated Biodegradable Corrosion Inhibitor for Aqueous Parts Washers


  • Highly concentrated
  • Dilution ratio: 0.5 – 2.0 ozs. / week
  • Specially designed for aqueous parts washers
  • Designed for high temperature cleaning
  • Biodegradable
  • Kosher Approved

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Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor is a rust and corrosion inhibitor designed to prevent rust and corrosion on the internal surfaces of aqueous parts washers.

Because of the unique formulation, the rust and corrosion inhibitor is also carried in the water vapor.

This provides enhanced rust and corrosion protection on the aqueous parts washer and prevents flash rusting on the cleaned metal parts that normally rust if left in the basket of a hot parts washer.